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Marfan Hilfe (Deutschland) e.V.

EMSN Youth Meeting 2012


What would that young adult meeting be like?... That depends on you!

The basic ideas would be:

  • having a time for ourselves, for around the same duration as a "normal" EMSN meeting so approximatively from a thursday afternoon until the sunday morning
  • we will have some discussion time in the morning on the friday, to get each other known and have the opportunity to discuss some Marfan issues
  • the friday afternoon would be some more leisure activity according to the place we are in...
  • the saturday morning will be some "practical workshop" but on some "medical issues" (ideas are coming), but not just sitting and listening anymore :D
  • the saturday evening and night ... "leisure" ;)
  • and sunday, close of the meeting and evaluation of the meeting

Of course, we will also have time to discuss all the topics we want also during the "leisure" activities.

My questions are:

  • Would you be interested in this kind of activities?
  • Would you like to be in the mailing list concerning the preparation of this meeting?
  • Do you have any ideas and suggestions?

Concerning the price and so on, we will try to get some funding to have the cost being as low as possible, so that this is not a reason no to come :)

If you know other young adults (we are talking about marfans between 18 and 28) that would be interested in this, feel free to forward this message!

Hoping to hear from you soon!


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